Saturday, September 24, 2011


When is going to work like a vacation?  When you're a SAHM.  I'm in San Francisco shooting a TV show this weekend and even though I've been up since 4:30am to catch a flight, I'm practically holding my eyelids open to savor every peaceful, quiet moment I can.  No baby monitors, no dishes to clean or laundry to do, no molars breaking through to cause a middle of the night crying jag, no 6am baby wake-up time.  Aaahhhhh.

Lombard Street
Not so fast.  I have this deep seated feeling like something's missing.  It's worse than when you think you've lost your wallet or cell phone.  This is bona fide separation anxiety.  I see young toddlers on the streets and gaze at them lovingly (me!) and I can't stop looking at pics of LO on my iPhone every chance I get.  This is crazy.


My eyes popped open this morning at 6:30am.  That's when LO usually wakes up, so I guess my body is trained for it now.  Unfortunately, that was 1.5 hours earlier than I needed to wake.  

The fog rolled in today and never left, which was a bummer because we were trying to get a shot of San Fran from Sausalito.  Instead, we got this:

I only showed pics of LO to two people and although neither of them asked to see them, I know they appreciated me sharing.  You can tell someone's interested when they start scrolling through the rest of your pics.  Or at least they're humoring you, which is fine for me.

Overall, the workcation has been short and sweet.  I have a 6am call time tomorrow with a possibility of finishing early.  Used to be, when I was on the road and wrapped early, I'd sneak in some sightseeing, but now all I want to do is get an earlier flight home.  There are diapers to change and hugs to be given.  I can't wait.


Show day.  I'm up naturally at 4:30, half an hour before my wake-up call.  I lay in bed having stress dreams until the phone rings.  I get ready, pack my suitcase and make it to reception to check out right on the money, 6am.  I've raced to make this time, so my makeup is suspect.  A quick visit to the restroom reveals one cheek massively over-blushed.  I shrug it off -- it's a crew full of guys, will anyone really notice?  I rush back to reception and my colleague with whom I'm traveling is still not there.  He's a poster child for the "Me Generation" and therefore doesn't arrive until 15 mins late with no apologies.  Apparently it was a late night out.  He didn't have time to check out, so he'll have to come back in the middle of the shoot to do it.  Not cool.  But I'm not gonna get stressed.  Not the new Mommy me.  I remind myself to teach LO manners and work ethic, and we head off to site.

Our shoot is delayed due to rain.  Afterward, I race to the airport yet miss my flight home.  Now I'm on standby in the Virgin America terminal, thank goodness, where I can drown my sorrows in Napa Valley gourmet pizza and Pinkberry.  I manage to make the flight, get home just before midnight, kiss DH and we fall into bed.  Just in time for LO to stir.  Home sweet home.