Friday, September 21, 2012

Mommy Smackdown

I saw this on CNN today.  A Florida woman boarded a school bus and got into a fight with her son's bully.

Sure, I laughed at the part when she says "He just needed a good old fashioned whoopin'!"  But there was a large part of me -- larger than I expected -- that was actually rooting for this woman.  I feel like this is a more and more common occurrence that gets buried somewhere in the CNN home page as part of the freak show news stories of the day, but it's really telling of a bullying trend that isn't going away. I worry about bullying in school and imagining LO subjected to it makes me want to board a bus and open a can of whoop-ass like none other.  I can only hope incidents like this turn into change in the community rather than focusing on punishment.  Until, then, I know it's wrong, but YOU GO, Florida mom!