Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She Counts!

LO can count to 12.  I have to give Elmo and the Count some credit, however DH and I make an effort to count and sing the alphabet with her a lot.  With the counting, we start with 1, she says 2, we say 3 and so on.  She likes to skip 4 and go straight to 5 but hey, it's progress.

Other sentences she's come out with recently are
"Is wet the duckie?"
"Dolly dirty diaper."
"Bye, park.  See you later."
"I need to get that."
"Is watch the TV."

Hang in there Gram and Gramps, we're trying to get a video for you but as soon as she sees the camera, all she wants to do is play with it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Signs You Need to Get Out More

10. You're tossing your Little Britain DVD's to make room for the new Elmo DVD collection.
9.  A great Friday night is staying in and watching "The Marriage Ref."  And then arguing over it.
8.  Your cleaning lady saw you in makeup and heels the other day and didn't recognize you.
7.  You've started to speak in baby talk.
6.  Summer reading is "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" and "The Happiest Toddler on the Block."
5.  Airborne Toxic Event is something you're preparing for, not a rock band.
4.  A renewed love of coloring with crayons.
3.  Your credit card statements are so filled with diapers.com, baby gap and Gymboree expenditures, AmEx freezes your card for suspicious activity the one time you try to buy a tube of lipstick.
2.  You volunteer for the midnight run to get Children's Benadryl.  It's the new "me" time.

And the number one sign you need to get out more is...

1.  You kinda like your pancakes shaped like dinosaurs.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feather

At 17 months, it's official -- we have a talker.  LO talks in a constant stream of babble, which I'm sure means something to her.  But she also has over 200 words, to which she has added full sentences.  "Where's the bug?" and "Where the bug go?" she says with ease.  "Come and sit," which is my call to sit at her little table and color with her.  "Mommy's shoes," she says as she shuffles around in my sneakers.  The little dictator who used to just point and grunt at things she wanted now can fully express herself.  Favorite requests are Elmo, pizza, pasta, pool (to go swimming), milk, tensis (to watch tennis on TV) and books.

We walk outside and she says "Hi, dirt!" to the dirt in the flower beds.  This is followed by saying hello to everything from the bees to the flowers, cars, steps.  Yesterday I took her to a store with me and she took off down the street going into each shop and saying "Hi!" to everyone inside.  This is not a shy child.  Which is pretty wild to see coming from a shy mommy.

Aside from the talking, LO has another favorite activity.  We joined one of those music classes in which moms and babies sit in a circle and sing songs.  As soon as the music started, LO ran into the center of the circle and busted a serious move.  Everyone laughed.  LO was the only toddler who insisted on doing this.  

Go baby, go baby, go!