Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Training Progress

I've had to get my bum in gear on this potty training thing since LO starts preschool in the fall and they have a mandate for all kids to be trained.  After a few half-assed starts, DH and I finally decided to go for it.  Our friends advised us to just let her go around the house with no diapers or anything for a week and that'll do it.  They clearly don't have white carpeting.

I am happy to report that she used the potty for the first time today.  What's a little concerning is that I'm so excited about this.  I immediately texted DH and we had an entire phone conversation about her full toilet experience.  Which reminds me, we have to tell Gram and Gramps.

The scene was this: I had a job interview this morning so I was dressed up.  LO had an accident on the carpet (#1) so I was cleaning that when the phone rang.  Our bank was calling to inform me that my account was overdrawn and I had a bunch of bank fees to pay.  This is for an account I don't use anymore, so lesson learned -- read those annoying mailings that say "Important information about your account."  They may be trying to tell you something, like the fact that they're going to start charging monthly fees.  Anyway, I'm speaking to Pearl, the collections gal, when I notice LO hiding behind the sofa.  That only means one thing: she has to go.  I ushered her into the bathroom and sat her on her little potty, handed her a toy and voila!  I had the phone in one hand while trying to block LO from touching her poo with the other and her shouting, "Nice poopies.  Look mommy, they're so cute!"  I dodged a disaster and got everything cleaned up and Pearl knocked off some of the fees, so overall it was a win.  Can I put multi-tasking on my resume now?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A New Auntie

I became an Auntie less than 48 hours ago.  I spent night #2 in the hospital with my sister, constantly reminded of my experience with LO in those precious moments before we ever got home.  After a difficult birth, I spent my night #2 desperately trying to calm a screaming infant and trying to keep the doubts about my mothering abilities out of my tired mind.  My sister, on the other hand, seemed to be sailing through the experience as if born to do it.  I was afraid to leave the hospital, even asked if my insurance would cover an extra night; my sister wanted to leave early.  I could barely walk or sit for a week or two afterward; sis looks like she's ready to go mow the lawn.  Breastfeeding wasn't working for me initially; she and baby are already a well-oiled machine.  This being Texas, the hospital near their house is brand spanking new and offered a bonus new parents just can't refuse -- steak and lobster dinners the night before discharge.  I wondered if they'd sweeten the deal with a free rifle if my brother-in-law were to get his tonsils out.  The staff looked THAT bored.

Everybody is home now and baby seems to be happy to be out of the hospital and the bad lighting.  I miss LO tons and can't wait to call her in the morning.