Saturday, April 26, 2014

Little Activist

I'm in mommy Heaven.  Eating gelato and watching House Hunters International...all by myself.  HHI is the best show on TV.  I love watching naive Americans in places like Guam asking things like "Will there be air conditioning?" and "Is that the refrigerator?"  Oh oh oh -- just overheard: "You mean we're gonna have a baby on this island?"

It's been so long since my last post I forgot my login info.  But things have been so crazy lately there are some things only a blog can understand.  Like the fact that I started a new job this week and under much duress, found a new nanny a week later than I really needed one.  Let's just say we've been living off of canned soup and the house looks like a tornado ripped through it.

Since the fridge is barren and, though exhausted I feel a need to maintain some semblance of housewifery, I took LO to the grocery store today.  She just turned 4 and is fully asserting her own wants and opinions.  LO fussed the whole way, trying to convince me to buy silly toys and Lucky Charms and singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" at the top of her lungs.  I got my share of nasty looks from old ladies in the aisles.

By the way, when I'm an old lady, I pledge to be nice to young moms.

Passing though the meat section, she turned activist.  "Mommy, are those animals?!  People should not eat pigs!"  She couldn't get past that and it only got worse when we saw the fish and yelled to the butcher that he should stop hurting them.  In fairness, I can see how it feels like we've killed Nemo.  Then we get to check-out line.  LO sees something on a magazine cover that prompts her to ask if pets die.  Then she asks if people die.  I say yes.  Then it's "Are we going to die?"  I tell her we can talk about it when we get home, but that's not good enough.  She throws a mini-tantrum, demanding loudly that I explain whether we're going to die.  I'm completely flummoxed with all eyes on us.  I manage to distract her but I know this question will crop up again.

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